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my "moving" experience

After we get our stuff back (HOPEFULLY TOMORROW), I will be posting a very detailed account of our move, and our experience with the moving company. I may enlist your help in spreading a link to the post far and wide. I am seriously that upset.

The move

Cleaning this weekend, and moving on Tuesday.

I am actively updating on Facebook. :)

Another move...

Well, for those who haven't heard, I was offered a really sweet job I applied for awhile ago.

I accepted, and will be moving to Denver, CO in a few weeks.


I am completely blown away.

For those Comcast folks, it's a position with NSD West (Tier 2.5 HSI)

Awesome, huh?


Not dead yet......

I'll be posting links from time to time for another blog I'm guest blogging on: Pop Culture Beast!

Tonight, I've posted my review of Let The Right One In.

Go look.

Times, they are a changin....

Again, things change. People grow up, move on.... I don't know, things happen, and I get weirdly nostalgic. Sometimes people make me a little bit sad.....

Never mind my cryptic oddity.

Move along.
Sony brings you..... "Fat Princess".

I am appalled.


New Review posted

New review posted at Enjoy, and let me know what you think. :)

On the Borderlands....

I brushed a strand of his pale hair from his face. It hung in front of him like an overgrown silvery spider plant as he leaned over the lute.

Well, I guess 'lute' was the next best word for it, anyway. It was a delicate thing of gilt wood, and it looked like the progeny of a lute, a guitar, and maybe a samisen. I tucked the bit of down soft hair behind one pointed ear.

"You can't look at me, can you? You can't say it to my face," I spoke softly, and frowned. He was the most beautiful thing in the world, and of course he had to be so painfully shy I wanted to scream.

"Say what?" He looked up, pinning me to the spot with those mercury fey eyes. Damn him. He had more grace in a sneeze than I had in every bone in my body.

"It's because they don't like humans, isn't it? Here we are, at the edge of the damn world, and you have to bow to ancient prejudices? You worry what they'll think, if you bring me home?"

He wrinkled his brow. "Don't be silly," he said, blowing another bit of bangs away from his face, "None may touch us here, they least of all."

Then the damn elf, the damn freaking fey boy grinned at me.

He grinned.

The nerve....


It came!

My package with two Abney Park CD's in it.

More later, when I am ready to post my review.

Also...... new blog up. I'll likely crosspost though. I need to work on the design a bit, too.


just signed up for my indiana benefits.


now i can go make appointments with new docs, and hopefully get better answers.

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